Intimacy Kit – The future of safe sex dating is here

As the rise in online dating apps continues to acquire new users, health officials have issued a stark warning on the potential rise in new sexually transmitted infections.

While the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown orders may have led one to assume a drop in such infections, the data shows quite the opposite. According to the CDC, while STI cases may have fallen in the early months of the pandemic, by the end of 2020, they have risen considerably across North America and continue to do so today.

While most dating apps passively warn users to take necessary precautions when becoming intimate with a romantic partner, one company takes safety to another level; and has been doing so since 2006.

Enter the Intimacy Kit

The Intimacy Kit, a Toronto-based intimate products company, believes safe sex should be the foundation of healthy and intimate relationships. First trademarked in 2007, the company has been dealing with intellectual property infringement given the popularity of its packaging. The Intimacy Kit was the first to package prophylactics for both genders; condoms for men, and intimate oral dams for women.

Through their iconic black box, customers receive everything they need for a safe and intimate romantic encounter. Inside the box, customers will find premium latex condoms, silky intimate oral dams, hypoallergenic intimate wipes, sensual intimate lubes, and finally, an intimate vibrating ring. The company also provides a premium model of this kit, which includes an intimate vibe bullet, which is very popular with its female customers.

“The Intimacy Kit gives users everything they need for a safe experience for nearly any form of sexual activity.”

Spokesperson for the Intimacy Kit

While user feedback for the product has been overwhelmingly positive, what differentiates the brand is the social network built around it.

On each black box, users can scan a QR code that gives them access to an exclusive and unique dating-oriented social networking platform. Here, users can shop for products, immerse themselves in a virtual learning environment, and meet potential romantic partners, all through the Intimacy Kit.

The intimacy kit was designed to protect, educate, and empower users while allowing them to enjoy erotic, intense, and safe sexual pleasure. The company is in the business of sex, specifically, safe sex.

At a time when over one million STIs are acquired daily around the world, it has become clear that a significant education gap exists when it comes to STI protection and the necessities of safe sex. The Intimacy Kit aims to close that gap while still allowing users to have a complete and intimate safe sex experience through premium products, all conveniently contained within the black box.

“The use of prophylactic devices is more important now than ever because we see more and more drug-resistant strains of certain STIs. Over time, infections can become resistant to certain antibiotics due to repetitive use within a population. Having all the necessary prophylactics on hand for all types of sexual activity can significantly dent the global rise of STIs when used properly.”

Medical consultant advising the brand

The Business of Safe Sex

In a national survey on sexual activity, most women stated oral sex, or cunnilingus, always arouses them for intercourse, with 90% of respondents stating oral sex helps them achieve an orgasm.

While many people know the benefits of using condoms and contraception overall, very few use oral dams when engaging in cunnilingus or anilingus. According to an NIH study, less than 10% of women confirmed using a dental dam at any time during oral sex, with only 2% stating they use one regularly.

“The lack of access paired with the lack of education explains why we see such dwindling numbers pertaining to safe oral sex.”

Spokesperson for the Intimacy Kit

Additionally, the company has conducted extensive research and found that while new couples did wear condoms, they engaged in cunnilingus without any form of barrier protection or intimate oral dams. This research was further complemented by statements from the CDC and the WHO.

There are many STIs, and a latex condom can reduce the risk of contracting and or transmitting many of them. However, those same STIs can be spread by other sexual contact i.e., cunnilingus, anilingus, which is why the company also includes “Intimate Oral Dams,” aka dental dams, in every one of its intimate kits.

While the Intimacy Kit provides users the prophylactics to safely engage in all forms of sex, the repetitive and subconscious reminders delivered to users through the kit and the online portal drive the message home.

While most dating apps continue to fuel the rise in STIs, the Intimacy Kit actively and passively reminds users to play safe with romantic partners.

Each Intimacy Kit purchased helps raise awareness to fight STIs around the world while increasing an online presence to educate users on the necessities of safe sex worldwide.

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